BSA Tax & Bookkeeping Services

Payroll consulting for IT based client


A US-based corporation that has been providing Software related services in US since 2019.


  1. Hiring and paying new consultant: The client has to hire consultants and want to pay salary to the employees. Since the client is a single owner of his business, he cannot manage all of these things independently and need our support to execute the process.
  2. Payroll compliances: As client is hiring consultants and needs to pay them, it involved complex payroll reporting compliances with the authority. So, to handle these complex compliances was becoming a hurdle for our client.


The client handed over to us all the work related to Payroll process of his business. We provide him with:

  1. Setting up of new employees in QuickBooks Online
  2. Preparation of payroll working biweekly to process the payroll.
  3. Approving the payroll from client
  4. Payment of payroll taxes
  5. Filing of all the compliance returns monthly, quarterly, yearly.


As of now, we are providing biweekly payroll services to the clients, so he no longer has to worry about the payroll of his business. The client can spend more time on his expansion plans. Even though we had taken a huge burden off his shoulders, we will also receive extra work from them, and in this situation, they can also refer us to others.

BSA Tax & Bookkeeping Services