International curriculum

A management with experience and expertise of more than 55 years in the field of Education

progressive curriculums

Robust and progressive curriculums for Early Years and Primary Education, as per the international standards.

Child-centric learning

Child-centric learning, integrated across various subject-areas through activities to strengthen a child’s root learning.

Professional Development

Regular Professional Development of faculty for skill-development and pedagogical improvement

strong foundation

Laying down a strong foundation through the Early Years Program with IEYC and progressing to Core Primary years of education with the IPC, with the focus on skill development.

Use of technology

Use of technology as part of the curriculum to scaffold and engage the learners, helping them to explore and take charge of their own learning.

Experienced Teachers

Experienced Teachers who act as facilitators to support each child’s learning.

IEYC & IPC Why international curriculum

  • Learner friendly environment and temperature-controlled class rooms conducive to learning.
  • Inculcating appreciation for one’s own culture and traditions with a focus on nurturing a strong value-system.
  • Project based learning facilitating collaboration and development of international mindedness.
  • Embedding Life-Skills to attain confidence, character, competence, and knowledge.
  • Practical approach in Learning through a plethora of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Preparing students not just at elementary level but for life.
  • Newspaper in Education with leading newspapers helps children develop a reading habit, facilitating fruitful class-discussions and getting grips on news.
  • A vision to raise a generation of children who are critical-thinkers, compassionate, empathic, courageous, resilient, creatively-imaginative and problem-solvers.
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